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декабря 2009

Children Diving Starts in "Batiskaf"

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In St.Petersburg's "Batiskaf" was organized a New Year Eve party for young divers from dive clubs "Baltika" and "Batiskaf".

All the young guests were presented nice googles at the entrance to "Batiskaf", in order kids could see all the underwater beauty. 


The young divers took participance in many funny competitions like "The fastest collector of diving equipment set".



Also kids could enjoy the special theatre programm shown by beautiful mermaids:





Of course every young diver received his present from "Batiskaf":


The last pleasant task for the young guests was to write a wish on paper and with the air ballon leave it fly into the sky:


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="658" caption=""I wish to make an underwater movie""]DSC_0816





The party was really great, not only children, but also adults enjoyed the celebration of New Year. 

Happy New Year!

Детский дайвинг начинается в "Батискафе"

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В минувшие выходные у самых юных дайверов - участников клубов "Балтика" и "Батискаф" - была уникальная возможность пообщаться с настоящим подводным Дедом Морозом. Несмотря на внешнюю конспирацию под униформой обычного  "великоустюгского" Деда Мороза, подводный Дедушка принимал детей в своей питерской резиденции - магазине "Батискаф", где для юных дайверов была организована отличная праздничная программа.

Приходи за новогодним номером журнала "Батискаф"!

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Если тебе не хватает праздничного настроения, если ты хочешь блеснуть эрудицией на любой дайверской (охотничьей) тусовке, если ты хочешь предаться воспоминаниям о самых громких событиях подводного мира последних трех месяцев - то тебе самое время отправиться в ближайший магазин "Батискаф" за своим бесплатным экземпляром новогоднего номера журнала "Батискаф"!

Congratulations to CMAS-Russia on its Anniversary!

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"Batiskaf" warmly congratulates the Confederation of Underwater Activities in Russia (CMAS representative in Russia), a successor Federation of Underwater Sports of the USSR (Soviet FBS), on its 50th anniversary!

CMAS-Russia has made an invaluable contribution to the development of organized scuba diving and underwater sports in the USSR, and then - Russia Federation.

We wish CMAS- Russia further prosperity and success in all endeavors and good mood!

Поздравляем КПДР с юбилеем!

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"Батискаф" сердечно поздравляет Конфедерацию подводной деятельности России (КПДР), правопреемницу Федерации подводного спорта СССР (ФПС СССР), с 50-летием!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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Mayor Cup 2009

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Серджио (Mares) демонстрирует батискафовцам новый Icon HD
Sergio (Mares) presents new Icon HD


Recently  the representative of MARES company Sergio Brunori visited  "Batiskaf" in Riga  in order to present all the new products 2010. With special pride has introduced a new dive computer Mares Icon HD, among which features is not only full-colour display, but also completely new sensetive software.


More information about he features of the new dive-computer you can read on Mares  web-site.  

In addition to the sensational model of dive computers Sergio has introduced to "Batiskaf" stuff some more MARES new produtcs.


Виталий с новой моделью ласт Mares X-Stream
Vitaly with new fins Mares X-Stream

Sergio spent in 'Batiskaf" the whole day and was excited with this shop's sizes and wide assortment. Also Sergio promised to keep "Batiskaf" stuff (=and you of course) about all the news from MARES!

75 Beuchat Anniversary Wetsuits Have Found Their Owners

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75 anniv wetsuit 7

At the exhibition "Golden Dolphin" -2009 Beuchat and Aquatex companies together with "Batiskaf" shops chain and Russia's PADI Center held a great activity dedicated to the  anniversary of Beuchat company.

In honor of the 75th anniversary of the french manufacturer 75 PADI Instructors  were awarded with gift certificates for exclusive Beuchat anniversary wetsuits  at the main stage of the festival.

The awarded instructors got the possibility to come into contact to the complexity of the whole manufacturing process: the first stage was the compilation of information about the sizes of the awarded instructors, the second - information providing to Beuchat, the third - direct production of exclusive products, the fourth - transportation of gifts to Russia, and through the fifth stage, which is the most pleasant, the instructors will pass in the nearest future: wetsuits finally arrived in Russia and in the coming days will be in the hands of their owners!

 Beuchat and Aquatex companies together with "Batiskaf" shops chain and Russia's PADI Center congratulate the owners on receiving of the gifts and hope, that the gifts will put the owners in good spirits in New Year's Eve!

Pacific Ocean Cup Received the Status of Rating Championship

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DSCF2465-1_новый размер

This news provided by "Batiskaf"-Vladivostok will definetly make glad all the lovers of warm see spearfishing: the spearfishing championship Pacific ocean Cup (one of whose sponsors is "Batiskaf" chain) has got a status of rating Championship! 

That means that the championship was included in the calendar of Russian Underwater Federation in the capacity of 3rd stage of Russian Cup! 

More information about the championship is avaliable 0n Sharkfin.ru web-site!

See you at the Pacific Cup-2010!