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Маска Big Eyes

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Another first for Cressi in the field of masks. Ocean Eyes, extensively covered by patents, takes advantage of all the most concepts introduced in advance by the Cressi masks: raked, inverted drop lenses, very small inner volume, extremely good downward vision and fantastic comfort. Furthermore, Ocean Eyes incorporates a brand new quick-release dismantling system for the lenses, which can be replaced with prescription lenses to correct visual defects. You only need a few moments and three simple operations to assemble your tailored prescription lens mask. The adjustment buckles on the strap are attached to the frame with a new (and patented) part made from flexible elastomer, which prevents the buckles or the actual frame from breaking so you can adjust the strap instantly with just a simple pressure from a finger. This system also prevents the skirt from being deformed, a possibility on models that incorporate the strap buckle in the actual skirt. Another pleasant addition is the possibility of instantly replacing the whole strap and buckle combination for rapid on-the-spot replacement, or to choose your favourite colour combination. Technical features: Type: two lens mask Versions: clear silicone, black silicone Materials: liquid silicone, hi-tech polymers, elastomers Strap buckles: pressure, with instant adjustment Internal volume: very low Graduated lenses: from –1.00 to –06.00 dioptres with intervals of 0.5 dioptres

Дополнительная информация

Артикул DS26101
Производитель Cressi

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