International «Batiskaf» shops’ chain is a unique chain of multi-brand diving and spearfishing stores  in Eastern Europe and Asia. All «BatiskafS», from Riga to Vladivostok, are united by a common vision: a big shop in a big city. «Batiskaf» shops are famous for a wide range of carefully chosen equipment, what provides to each customer possibility to find  equipment of the highest quality according to customer’s needs.

      Batiskaf in St.-Petersburg

Магазин Батискаф в САнкт-Петербурге
Batiskaf Shop in St.-Petersburg



St.Petersburg, Morskaya nab.33, 
GPS N 59°57542’ E 030°13142’ 








Batiskaf in Samara

Магазин Батискаф в Самаре
Batiskaf Shop in Samara



Samara, Krasnoarmeyskaya str.17,

GPS  53° 11′ 36.79′, 50° 5′ 53.57′
ph. +7 (846)340-59-12, 340-58-68









Batiskaf in Vladivostok

Магазин Батискаф во Владивостоке
Batiskaf Shop in Vladivostok



Vladivostok, 100 years Vladivostok Ave, 150

GPS 43° 10′ 50.20′, 131° 55′ 16.24′
ph.+7 (4232) 32-12-30, 32-13-26, факс: +7 (4232) 33-90-79,








Batiskaf in Kiev, Ukraine

Магазин Батискаф в Киеве
Batiskaf Shop in Kiev, Ukraine

Ukraine, Kiev,Zhilyanskaya str., 62/64,

GPS  50°4355697   30°5038089



Ukraine, Kiev, Tupoleva str., 54,

GPS  50°48388   30°39592







Batiskaf in Riga, Latvia

Магазин Батискаф в Риге
Batiskaf Shop in Riga


Latvia, Riga, Kalnciema 106a, LV-1046

ph. +371 67 81 55 19,

mob.тел. +371 292 74 897







Batiskaf-mini Project

Over time, «Batiskaf» became so popular that we had a slight change of the principle of «big store in a big city», creating a new concept of «Batiskaf-mini «, which means a small shop with an assortment from «Batiskaf» collections. «Batiskaf-mini» can be opened in small towns. The first «Batiskaf-mini» was opened in St.-Petersburg in August 2008, and in April 2009 the «Batiskaf- mini» in Uralsk followed.

Batiskaf-mini in Uralsk

Uralsk, Kazakhstan Republic

Eurasia prosp., 61, TH Eurasia, Store 20

ph.: +7701 735 81 55, +7777 1818188



BatiskafS in the world:

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